Hosting a modern exhibition center of exhibition events

The exhibition and its works have a prominent role in all corners of urban life and macroeconomics and even national and international debates. Today, numerous and diverse exhibitions are held all over the country and they benefit from the capacities of the exhibition industry.

The permanent place for holding international exhibitions of Isfahan province was put into operation in November 2019. Experts and specialists of the exhibition industry believe that this exhibition is considered the most standard and updated exhibition site in the country and has created a powerful infrastructure for holding exhibition events. This exhibition was built in Roshandasht area of Isfahan and in terms of accessibility, it is located in the fourth circle of urban traffic. The location of this exhibition has resulted in proximity to several major projects, including Isfahan City Center, Isfahan International Conference Hall, Khorasgan Branch Islamic Azad University, Central Square of Fruit and Vegetable Bar, Railway, Shahid Beheshti Airport, City of Dreams, East Isfahan Tourist Zone and Zayandehroud River.

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