Managing Director of Barsaz Rooydad Pars: The vast impact of Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad on activity of the 2nd ATMAK-iFarm Exhibition!

It is honored to announce the 2nd ATMAK-iFarm (Agriculture Equipment, Machineries, Irrigation Systems, Agricultural Inputs, Horticulture, Greenhouse Equipment and Related Industries) Exhibition is organized with participation of Italian pavilion at EXHIBIRAN ( Shar-e-Aftab Exhibition Center) between 12 to 15 Sept., 2018, Mr. Irani stated. Education, informing of the latest technologies in agriculture industry, concurrent with holding specialized conferences and unveiling modern irrigation technologies are the objectives of this event, he added.
This event, which was supported by Related Organizations and Associations, welcomed many exhibitors and expert visitors from different countries and tried to utilize the maximum potentials existing in the country, he continued. Holding educational and extensive courses for mechanization of agriculture was one of the achievements of this event last year in which many visitors from Italy, German, India, and Afghanistan participated in these courses.
Irani requested Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad Association to help BRP in informing and casting this event to other provinces of Iran, related unions, and on this Ministry’s website. In his request he asked this Ministry’s help in holding educational workshops concurrent with this event for improving the quality and activity of the event as much as possible.
It is a high hope this exhibition improves quality and activity day by day by the related associations’ helps, he ended.

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